Illinois legal marijuana

Prospect of legalizing weed in Illinois has developers, landlords seeing green Legalization would also put the hot local industrial market “over the top,” though Chicago could be too pricey, experts say

Deena Zimmerman (Credit: iStock)

After Illinois legalized medicinal marijuana in 2014, Deena Zimmerman traveled to Colorado to learn how the marijuana industry was intersecting with the real estate market.

The vice president at commercial brokerage SVN visited a town on the outskirts of the Denver metro area, a once-rundown place “where the tumbleweeds were rolling,” she said.

“Now it’s thriving,” Zimmerman said. “There’s cool apartments, cool retail. But cannabis came first.”

Gov. J.B. Pritzker already signaled his strong support fo爱上海同城手机版 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛r legalizing recreational marijuana and powerful House Speaker Mike Madigan says he is on board. While draft legislation has been proposed, the state Legislature has not formally taken up the measure.

What is clear, industry experts say, is that the law would be a boon to the real estate industry.

Legalized recreational weed would particularly benefit Chicago’s hot industrial market and it could help areas that have missed out on the city’s recent warehouse development and leasing boom. That is if the pitfalls of a nascent industry that’s still illegal at the federal level can be overcome.

“Industrial is really hot right now,” Zimmerman said. Legal marijuana “is going to to put it over the top.”

A new demand

Although recreational marijuana legislation is still in its infancy, Illinois lawmakers already released an outline of what a recreational marijuana industry could look like. In the proposal, possession of up to 30 grams of pot would be legal, local governments could opt out of the new law and landlords could restrict or ban the use or cultivation of marijuana on their properties.

Because the product cannot be tra爱上海同城论坛 爱上海同城nsported over state lines, marijuana would have to be grown in-state. And it would have to be sold from dedicated retail storefronts. Where it can be grown and sold has yet to be determined, but that decision will play a huge role in a marijuana-related real estate market, sources said.

The Chicago-area industrial market is experiencing highs not seen in years. A new industry that needs ample room for growing and storing could contribute even more demand.

Tim McGraw

“I think there’s about to be a pretty big boom here,” said Tim McGraw, CEO of California-based Canna-hub, a development firm focused solely on the marijuana industry.

Industry players from around the country have taken notice.

McGraw founded Revolution Enterprises, one of the the first companies to receive a marijuana growing license for Illinois’ nascent medicinal program. He spent 38 years in the state, but left in 2016 for California, which legalized marijuana two years later. Property values have risen in some areas of Los Angeles County because of high demand from cannabis industry tenants and low supply of landlords willing to work with[……]

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PMG lands $97M condo inventory loan for West Village development Developer launched sales in February at 111 Leroy Street阿拉爱上海同城 爱上海龙凤419桑拿

Property Markets Group founder Kevin Maloney and 111 Leroy Street (Credit: Getty Images)

Kevin Maloney’s Property Markets Group landed a $97 million condo inv上海千花网 爱上海同城对对碰entory loan for its new development in the West Village.

Rialto Capital Management and Goldman Sachs teamed up to provide the financing for PMG’s 111 Leroy Street, sources told The Real Deal.

Representatives for PMG, Rialto and Goldman could not be immediately reached. A team of brokers at HFF led by Chris Peck negotiated the financing on behalf of PMG. The brokers declined to comment.

The two-year loan covers all 13 of the building’s condo units and four adjacent townhouses. The new debt replaces a $43 million construction loan that Oaktree Capital Management provide PMG, as well as mezzanine debt from Quinlan D上海夜网 阿爱上海同城evelopment Group.

PMG launched sales on the building in February, and StreetEasy shows that one of the units is under contract with an asking price of $9.75 million. The project is aiming for a sellout of 上海夜网 阿爱上海同城$76.95 million, according to the state Attorney General’s Office.

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Classic Guo Yun is dye-in-the-wood! Homebred sound swims ” highbrow art and literature ” new music of Li Zhu core demonstrates Switch edition

Zuo ship company is issued, the tone that develops by atelier of Taiwan RNOVA Studio swims master ” highbrow art and literature ” just landed Switch platform put on sale on March 28. The government is special today on April 3 gave off the new Qu Yan that by musician Li Zhu core creates to show, below an appreciation. · ” highbrow art and literature ” It is the union crossing a boundary of word of a classic poem and musical game, join the musical game of contemporary Qu Feng with element of Chinese poem word, support Jian Fanzhong article, English and Japanese. Game described bosom to wear the teenager of musical dream spring pass through to return Chinese ancient time and encounter with mysterious poet in the dream. The historical literary quotation that gut combines well-known poet and a lot of classical ancient poetry words. The idea of core playing a way of · game is confluence of word of will classic poem in game, click poetic word according to musical rhythm, or like calligraphy the picture gives a character, or poetic word is like the show like caption, what can experience poetic word character from inside amuse oneself is beautiful. Composition collects a part, emphasize be libretto with classic poem word, union is contemporary rock and roll, the Qu Feng music such as lyric, knight. And have collect A Kabei to play music of music, words of Taiwan a group of things with common features. Li Zhu core is · musician ” highbrow art and literature ” the new music of creation ” Yu Louchun ” special demonstrate, qing Dynasty changes empty spirit, country wind ancient rhyme, have the relaxed feeling of catharsis heart quite, below an appreciation:[……]

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” civilized 6 ” will join new map type newlier this month be made to England adjust

Pcgamesn reports the intermediary outside was being occupied recently, ” civilized 6 ” will in June large-scale new map kind is added in updating, make balance sex adjust to a few set of game, still can be opposite at the same time square field surface of England undertakes adjustment. This balance sex adjusts the productivity set in basically be aimed at game, of quarry, grass and timber mill yield will be increased, later period architectural safeguards charge to will be reduced 20% , the citizen in be located in later period to build at the same time still can enjoy growth addition. After be updated this, the world plant of England can let motivation building obtain additional + 4 crop. Every bout also will acquire iron ore and coal mine two additional natural resources, this is both at the same time still will obtain the industrial district of 20% to build addition, and haven building will increase the strategic resource reserve of 10% . In addition, ” civilized 6 ” still will join a kind newlier in June brand-new map type, the player will see more land floor piece, do not cross these board piece often join each other through small-sized ocean, and small-sized mainland will be offerred for the player numerous but the land with smaller area. [……]

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Showed film edition in June ” demon animal world ” photograph of Qi Liang of placard of 8 big leading role

Distance film edition ” demon animal world ” show the time that still has two months formally, legend movie industry released the placard of a series of this film today, 8 pieces of placard revealed altogether each pieces a leading role in the film, who is you can recognize them entirely?

Film edition ” demon animal world ” agree by Deng Jones is directive, his masterpiece has ” source code ” , ” moon ” and ” chirp sound ” . American area shows date formally to be on June 10.


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The limit is killed instead ” dark soul 3 ” PVP video tells you not to abandon forever

” dark soul 3 ” PVP mode difficulty is very great still, after all what you face is not AI, however person. Although very difficult, still want to believe to the miracle appears nevertheless. And below this video can tell you not to abandon forever.

Author of the video in this video is connected to enrol for many times hit the mark, it is a blood almost. For all that, he still uses the opportunity case that breaths finally to block strike back and killed mate.


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” legend is lasting ” not cutout archives 95% keep are strong lead royal end You Fuxing

” legend is lasting ” it is chief source with 1.76 version, it is grand game the 3D legend of own research and development. Set limit to not cutout archives checks on Feburary 28 open, open server of one area quadruplet early or late, person gas is hot, one beg hard. Now, the government publishs inside data first, game turns up his nose at with the keep of 94.85% a large number of heroes, make grand game an a dark horse 2016, strong lift what strong PK end swims to revive upsurge.

End at present, game opens server of quadruplet of blaze of one area ray, thunderbolt, intense, flurry in all, extend code of nearly 90 thousand activation, use up its to be able to be the stone door of the way of Ma of player open regain that likes legend.

Be in early last year, ” legend is lasting ” when holding to with respect to acceptance, grow collect fees, play a bank note for old player to the utmost, this one IP is in legend China is hot still. Not cutout archives test is close already two months are superabundant, day and morrow, 7 lunar keep rate are respectively 94.85% , 87.49% , 70.89% . The data of top-ranking game allows inside comparative industry, achievement of it may be said strikings. However the work in the same placing of project group still work overtime, the is all players to offer 24 hours service that with one one’s heart endeavors.

Keep is the main index with assessment whether successful game, look with this for the standard, ” legend is lasting ” be a success undoubtedly. Zhang Yingfeng of grand game CEO is in no less than the prophecy of 14 the end of the year, the outbreak that the hand swims grows regular meeting to swim to end bring new opportunity. Be ” legend is lasting ” let prophecy become reality.

The classical everybody playing a way of legend familiar to the ear can detailed, in order to drill class, hit treasure, PK to be core, be taken with respect to sheet only and character, game is average active number is day 19984 people (sheet is taken) , average and online when about 8 hours long, data shows this kind of simple and rough game way suffers a player to approbate; fully highest and online 15688 people (sheet is taken) , its peak value appeared at 22 o’clock to control commonly, and be exclusive right now the gold period of time with most substantial activity, for example the person of it may be said such as sea of the nether world is completely suffer from, can not move a step simply!

Regard a grade as consummate game, current grade upper limit is 45 class, the darling boat boat that the ray takes breaks through 44 class to close greatly with the breathtaking perseverance that does not get offline 24 hours almost! Ceaselessly new personality kills a deer to take the flesh in attrib border village, still the old person equips in dazzle of propaganda to the enemy at the front line of place of safety, still red name is exploded what date of optical equipment cutout quantifies is player behavior, the backside of data is the playe[……]

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Game of strange unreal movement ” cerebral ship member ” PS4 edition will be made to add need 2018

” cerebral ship member ” (the strange unreal movement that Psychonauts) is a complete 3D kind game, those who tell about is a bizarre saga that produces in children summer camp. Game blended in the secret of head of person of many enigma, filch, and extraordinary mental secret service, still have a variety of game elements such as a few romantic clues even. To only then to eventually, game reflected fancy originality.

” cerebral ship member ” PS4 version will on June 7, 2016 put on sale. At the same time game government still discloses ” cerebral ship member 2 ” time of put on sale will be 2018 the four seasons, specific time is uncertain, corresponding platform PC, PS4, MAC.

” cerebral ship member ” be open degree of taller play. After entering game, the player can be in camping ground move back and forth at will. Whole campsite is by a certain number of region composition, every area include quite rich game element is explored for the player, for example, the store that can buy all sorts of practical stage property, convenient subway even a few obscure an element.

Nevertheless, the focal point that this making is put between the character’s inner world. In game, the player is the journey in the brain in each characters between greater part time-sharing. The system is gross set 12 parts, the inner world of each part is task of a toll-gate, these toll-gate each are not identical, have individual character extremely. For example, a hot battlefield is in the inner world of coach Oleander, among them weapon modelling is very exaggerative. And the inner world of security personnel Boyd Cooper is full of nostalgic clue, it is the style of urban suburban district of 50 time. It is nevertheless in this inner world, the task of our hero Raz just seeks a person sending a grandma unexpectedly. Although bizarre and motley of whole game world, interest sex is very strong however nevertheless.


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51 holiday swim the Warring States ” benevolence king: Complete edition ” PS4/Steam favourable open

51 small long holidays were about to come, everybody has prepare amused what game. Today (on April 29) glory spy library rub official small gain announces, ” benevolence king: Complete edition ” 51 indulgence of PS4 and Steam edition are unde爱上海同城对对碰 爱上海同城论坛rtaking in synchronism, the player that does not have game target mights as well buy ” benevolence king: Complete edition ” , the distinctive glamour that experiences RPG of movement of the Warring States of this dark style. ” benevolence king: Complete edition ” PS4 edition page: 爱上海同城手机版 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛Nod me to enter? ” benevolence king: Complete edition ” Steam edition page: Nod me to enter? (Steam edition privilege not open) glory spy library rub Guan Wei is textual: ” benevolence king: Complete edition ” 51 indul上海千花网龙凤论坛 上海千花社区gence have PS4 edition and Steam edition at the same time in, PS4 edition is low to 6 fold, PS Plus member has more fold on fold! Had not employed this player that is like current life-and-death game reputably, take this opportunity take as the point of departure at once, try skill in 51 small long holidays. ” benevolence king ” with wicked person aggressive rampant, monster people everywhere the times of the Warring States of deep and remote black Japan of formicate is arena, and with historical character ” 3 riverside press a needle ” for chief source innovation gives palace guar爱上海同城论坛 爱上海同城d of eye of fair green jade ” Williams ” , depict the story that his all previous fights to death via a few. This making it is a foundation besides the historical fact with evening of times of the Warring S爱上海同城对对碰 爱上海同城论坛tates, having fierce of a lot of subsistent the Warring States to will come on stage, the story is achieved formerly abstruse thin pieces of 爱上海龙凤419桑拿 上海龙凤论坛sh1fwood used for writing on in ancient China is solid, also will be to be able to offer sufficient nervous feeling and extremely tall achievement sense, enough says for ” game of life-and-death of the Warring States ” work. Game publicizes a graph: [……]

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