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Aubergine is people a kind of very common vegetable in daily life, in rural every family basic metropolis cultivates a few aubergine, can follow eat along with pick fresh go to the lavatory again. The way of aubergine has a lot of, can evaporate aubergine matchs after that a few it is makings edible, OK to dip in with potato collocation the move that stew eats, also can make scamper aubergine come edible, want to be made however delicious simple scamper aubergine, master a few doohickey with respect to need, so below will introduce how scamper aubergine is delicious simple.

How scamper aubergine is delicious simple

Practice one:

The first pace, wash aubergine clean, cut piece, to point to Bao Hou partly can, next bubble is in a minute in water, put in the bowl to reserve next.

The 2nd pace, look for a clean bowl is small perhaps, inA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The face puts face of on two spoon (the big ladle that dip congee uses) , two eggs, put salt one small spoon, 13 sweet, gourmet powder, gallinaceous essence, pink of sweet fragile blast.

The 3rd pace, the flour in will little tub is added sail upstream mix is even, next aubergine piece put inside, make aubergine piece on two sides can be stuck above burnt.

The 4th pace, oil goes up in past pannikin, the oil with much 75px of bottom of pan distance boiler can, do not put half boiler oil, put waste of too much and final meeting, firing next heat.

The 5th pace, after oil heats, the aubergine that will wrap good panada piece slip gently from boiler edge in boiler, do not go to forcibly in throw, lest oil is splashed,come out scald. Forum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net

The 6th pace, the aubergine in boiler piece should search an area constantly, scamper fizzled out to turn over scamper other one side at the same time, two sides1000 beautiful nets of ShanghaiA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Scamper fizzled out ripe, can rise with chopstick clip, accuse oil, put in dish next. New aubergine is put in past boiler then piece. Till finally scamper is over.

How scamper aubergine is delicious simple


Prepare two pairs of chopsticks, aubergine is put in past boiler piece chopstick, want to use a pair each with the chopstick that places outside.

Practice 2:

1. takes two green eggplant, the diamonds account that cuts 2 centimeters

2. prepares a big basin, put the aubergine that has cut piece, join right amount salt, gallinaceous essence, pink of Chinese prickly ash, lay aside 3 come 5 minutes

3. joins right amount flour, and water

If pursue,4. is become with chopstick agitate condition

Cheer in 5. boiler, heat waiting for oil is put into mix the aubergine of good flour begins bomb

6. blast fizzles out to gold color, remember breaking up

Xiao stick person

The ten million in boiler cannot have water, otherwise oil heats, be finished.

Practice 3: Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Aubergine is abluent, cut Cheng LingLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Form piece, need not of flay, unless the skin is special Bie Houhe is hard.


Aubergine piece is put in the basin, stick a few water to mix with the hand, aubergine is wet can, facilitate hang pink, do not want too much water.

How scamper aubergine is delicious simple


In wet aubergine piece go up starch mixes, need not too thick, stick on pink is OK.


Conflagration heats up oil, enter aubergine blast, become small it is OK to fizzle out fish out, outside hard inside soft effect.


Gourmet powder is ground with ladle press into pink, enter pepper together with right amount salt, salt is put less first, can add again not quite, can try salty weak, as dip in makings.

Last pace

Aubergine dips in makings, take the advantage of heat eats