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The tooth is the place that a lot of friends pay close attention to quite, dental health also is very good protection actually, want to do good buccal cleaner to make only, so the tooth is opposite for also be can a few more healthy. Black circumstance appears inside front tooth aperture, so be about checkLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Had checked whether to appear the phenomenon of tooth of eat by moth, avoid tooth of occurrence eat by moth and did not have treatment in time.

 Front tooth aperture has black

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Seam, be tooth of eat by moth? Not certain!

Appear this kind of circumstance, not be tooth of eat by moth certainly! Have inside the tooth black seam, because alimental pigment precipitation adheres to,be likely the dot in dental nest channel is unoccupied place in, but also cannot treat sth lightly, it is tooth of eat by moth likely, or it is tooth of eat by moth grows the performance that rise gradually.

Pigment precipitation is formed black seam have two big reasons, a dental structure that follows us is concerned, nest channel dot of the tooth is unoccupied place petty, not easy cleanness reachs the designated position; is the food that follows us another the habit is relevant, the thing that has daily as a result of us contains pigment mostly, adhere to easily in nest channel. What pigment precipitates is black the use that seams both neither to affect a tooth, also do not affect dental healthA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Brush his teeth normally cannot purify is sordid toothShanghai night net

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Inside black seam, if feel black to seam an influence the tooth is beautiful, can keep clear of through washing the means of the tooth black seam.

But what if be tooth of eat by moth,cause is black seam cannot pass the means that washs a tooth to keep clear of. What tooth of eat by moth arises is black seam and do not adhere to like pigment precipitation in the surface, it is by in outside arriving, develop, when outside generation is black when seaming, be eroded by the bacterium already inside, that has a method to be able to save a tooth only — fill a tooth.

 Front tooth aperture has black

The dentist will grind addle organization of the tooth except, if tooth of eat by moth is not too deep, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Need fill to be short of the place of caustic only, restore healthy shell of the tooth. If tooth of eat by moth is too deep,become, already eat by moth arrives tooth nerve, can use a means that rules cure only.

How should be dental health judged?

Judgement tooth has caries bad or tooth of eat by moth, from color, form, qualitative these 3 respects will judge.

 Front tooth aperture has black

Lubricious: The show that produces tooth of eat by moth is a tooth only not just nigrescent, occasionally the likelihood is sent brown, yellow, Brown, white even Brown.

Qualitative: Normal tooth is adamant, after hair of quality of a material is soft, with acerb bougie, can blow come down.

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All right: Appearance happening changes, the likelihood forms a few hole.