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To anybody, the individual’s face is very important, of course this has double meaning, the first face that is an individual, it is to point to facial skin second. Especially for beautiful to love personage, at ordinary times that piece of oneself face must be protected well, otherwise Yan Zhi is reduced be afraid seek even the target very hard get, don’t have method who lets present society is exquisite Yan Zhi? So the issue came, is facial ministry allergy dry urticant how to do?

Is facial ministry allergy dry urticant how to do?

Compact maintain measure: Will redundant maintain time-out, maintain base

Plinth 3 paces can. When skin has allergic sign, shouldSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Should decrease immediately maintain measure. To skin the most essential protect wet, slow, maintain pace pelter arrives least, can urge force of skin oneself immunityForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
nurturance, reductive health skins.

Avoid excitant maintain: Avoid use fruitA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Acerbity, chamfer apperception of qualitative, alcohol the excitant product such as makeup water. Resemble grinding arenaceous chamfer film of deep-seated and qualitative, clean face, action principle is to be aimed at corneous layer to strengthen metabolization, stimulate too too to sensitive skin, additionally need relapses the clean face movement that rub washs, shorten as far as possible please finish inside 30 seconds.

Is facial ministry allergy dry urticant how to do?

In order to breed frost replaces elite fluid: Those who use liquid of elite of amortize of quality of a material of lacteal frostlike powder is excitant. Inside elite fluid protect nurturance to divide, chroma relatively essence of life is simple, add fluid shape quality of a material to permeate force strong, taller also to the stimulation of skin. And lacteal frostlike powder resembles the safe gasbag that deploys in the car, can avoid skin to be pounded directly, reduce excitant. If sensitive skin wants to try juice of white cream of high concentration beauty, proposal and after protecting wet milk frostlike powder to mix, brush again, be able to bear or endure to skin the challenge that accepts a gender comes some more blandly.

Is facial ministry allergy dry urticant how to do?

If allergic already, be about to choose appliance to have antiphlogistic, composed skin onlyShanghai Long Feng forum

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With maintain herbaceous frost, use after face of the bath that use Qing Dynasty. If the skin lasts aglow, the medicine that should go hospital desensitization is treated or choosing this kind makeup protect skin to taste.

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Good skin nurses daily. No matter age of cold hot weather, hypersensitive patient should nurse very carefully the skin1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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, besides maintain everyday outside face of 2 lukewarm bath, use skin of skin of frost of skin of water of some of skin of cure of specially good effect, cure, bright, embellish even, perserve.