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The way of feed darling is the simplest is mother milk feed, and not only safety is returned very economy. Although the recipe of a few milk powder can say the world is top-ranking, but milk powder still has nutrition without person grandma after all, also suit darling to eat more without person grandma. Because,have a few parents nevertheless all sorts of reasons, so meeting choice mixes the means of feed darling. So, how is mixture feed judged satiate?

How is mixture feed judged satiate

1, the sound judgement that issues pharynx from darling. Baby is average everyLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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2 ~ can hear absorb 3 times swallow a big, renewing the contract 15 minutes to be able to say repeatedly so is darling satiate. If light is sucked not pharynx or pharynx are gotten little, explain the grandma measures inadequacy, need is compensatory.

2, judge from the psychosis of darling. If feed full hind he laughs to you, perhaps did not cry, or immediately quiet enter Mian, explain the child is satiate. If suck the breast hind still cry, perhaps biting nipple to be not put, perhaps do not sleep to wake, explain the grandma measures inadequacy.

How is mixture feed judged satiate

3, judge from the defecate of darling. The have a bowel movement that sees darling is normal, if appear out of order constipation or it is the circumstance such as diarrhoea need guest watchs an analysis. Normal defecate should be maize ointment form. Can appear when darling defecate constipate, rare, hair green or number increase and every time eduction quantity is little, this is the expression of darling be on short commons.

What should mixture feed notice

1, 1 feed 1 kind of grandmas only. Breast having a parent eats mother milk, eat milk powder to eat powdered milkShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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. Do not eat a mother to breed first, insufficient move milk powder again immediately. Go against a new student so digest, the likelihood causes anorexia milk powder, refus takes feeding bottle. The mother breeds cannot assemble, if the grandma does not have seasonable platoon sky, can reduce galactic exudation. Mother milk is to eat more for nothing, secrete morer. So, do not want assemble mother milk, have feed, slowly probably enough new student ate.

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How is mixture feed judged satiate

2, nightly and best it is a mother when lacteal feed mixes feed, nightly and best it is mother milk feed. Nightly mom is tiredder, especially second half night, get up new student strong milk powder very hempForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Irritated; is additional, nightly mom rests, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Lactescence estimates relative increase, new student need quantity decreases relatively again, mother milk may satisfy a new student need.

3, notice method of feed milk powder. Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Feed milk powder when what mom should notice is not to use soother or feeder is fed. Had better use small ladle however or burette will feed, otherwise darling can appear the tit is illusive, cent is not clear the which tit that is mom.