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Exercise gem gal can help pregnant woman natural labor, but not be all gem gal,suit mom to practice, the mom during be pregnant can not try gal of high temperature gem. Because indoor temperature is exorbitant, can appear to perspire in great quantities after motion, dehydration, fear making maternal blood thicker, bad to fetal development, especially pregnancy head 3 months, cannot try absolutely, lest have abortive risk.

Pregnant woman does abortive risk to add one minute (1)

Avoid a large number of perspiring or suffer heatstroke

The expert expresses, heat gem gal is in order to heat means, raise room temperature to 40 ℃ , the purpose is to want a large number of perspiring, can use up 630 kilocalorie about hourly, the person that attract many decreasing to weigh of late tries. But because do heat gem gal,also can perspire in great quantities, dehydration, fear making maternal blood thicker, cause an effect to fetal development, raise abortive machine rate evenForum of Shanghai night net

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Pregnant woman circulation is poorer, heart lungs burden is great also, once a large number of perspiring, suffer heatstroke, the mother’s body and fetal have life risk. As to the gem gal that in the bookshops gives priority to with pregnant woman, when undertaking, should notice place is safe, floor shop has soft mat, the environment wants to connectLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Wind or available attune, every move 30 minutes, should rest 5 to 10 minutes.