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Gem gal is a kind of fitness kind that is sent into home from India, it basically is the purpose that the body through balancing a person and the breath that adjust a person will come to to achieve fitness. And in the life gem gal had made more and more nervous modern society a kind notFall in love with the sea

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Girl sex uses the gymnastical means that loosens him body and mind. And also have a lot of about the movement of gem gal, disparate gem gal movements is having distinct effect to the body, among them one kind calls gem gal handstand, so gem gal handstand is specific how should undertakeForum of Shanghai night net

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Gem gal handstand

Exercise one: Lean the wall goes

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This exercise bears for your arm and shoulder your weight prepares, the body that trains you keeps tigidity, stability, linear in handstand.

Exercise 2: L form relies on a wall handstand

L handstand can let you get used to the handstand of whole body gradually, recumbent still wall is done. Different is, l handstand enhances the power of shoulder, at the same time the leg on the wall and foot partook your body weight.

Gem gal handstand

Exercise 3: The back is opposite wall handstand

What if you go up,a form of characters or letters drills is very good, so you can practice relying on wall handstand. The handstand that faces a wall is very simple on the foundation of on one individual type, but the back that then individual type can let youShanghai noble baby

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Exercise back is OK to the handstand of the wall the body when imitate independence handstand and centre of gravity become one linear state, at the same time you can know weight of body of susceptive of the place when handstand clearly.

Gem gal handstand

Exercise 4: Corvine type

This is a movement of very good handstand begin to learnA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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, because you had exercised arm power well, so, you put power on the arm, balance more easily in the form of characters or letters with this compact body.

Exercise 5: Cent leg handstand

Although the final version of gem gal handstand is to should invite the body,become linear, but very difficult really at the beginning. The handstand that divide a leg is simpler. Rely on a wall first, a bit further from the wall, it is wall of toe pointed light only, after you master good balance, leave toe.

Exercise 6: Elbow handstand

The nuclear cardiac muscle that elbow handstand can exercise you group, help you be in handstand of unbend double leg when poise, live firmly the body, provide a stable basis.