Zuo ship company is issued, the tone that develops by atelier of Taiwan RNOVA Studio swims master ” highbrow art and literature ” just landed Switch platform put on sale on March 28. The government is special today on April 3 gave off the new Qu Yan that by musician Li Zhu core creates to show, below an appreciation. · ” highbrow art and literature ” It is the union crossing a boundary of word of a classic poem and musical game, join the musical game of contemporary Qu Feng with element of Chinese poem word, support Jian Fanzhong article, English and Japanese. Game described bosom to wear the teenager of musical dream spring pass through to return Chinese ancient time and encounter with mysterious poet in the dream. The historical literary quotation that gut combines well-known poet and a lot of classical ancient poetry words. The idea of core playing a way of · game is confluence of word of will classic poem in game, click poetic word according to musical rhythm, or like calligraphy the picture gives a character, or poetic word is like the show like caption, what can experience poetic word character from inside amuse oneself is beautiful. Composition collects a part, emphasize be libretto with classic poem word, union is contemporary rock and roll, the Qu Feng music such as lyric, knight. And have collect A Kabei to play music of music, words of Taiwan a group of things with common features. Li Zhu core is · musician ” highbrow art and literature ” the new music of creation ” Yu Louchun ” special demonstrate, qing Dynasty changes empty spirit, country wind ancient rhyme, have the relaxed feeling of catharsis heart quite, below an appreciation: