Pcgamesn reports the intermediary outside was being occupied recently, ” civilized 6 ” will in June large-scale new map kind is added in updating, make balance sex adjust to a few set of game, still can be opposite at the same time square field surface of England undertakes adjustment. This balance sex adjusts the productivity set in basically be aimed at game, of quarry, grass and timber mill yield will be increased, later period architectural safeguards charge to will be reduced 20% , the citizen in be located in later period to build at the same time still can enjoy growth addition. After be updated this, the world plant of England can let motivation building obtain additional + 4 crop. Every bout also will acquire iron ore and coal mine two additional natural resources, this is both at the same time still will obtain the industrial district of 20% to build addition, and haven building will increase the strategic resource reserve of 10% . In addition, ” civilized 6 ” still will join a kind newlier in June brand-new map type, the player will see more land floor piece, do not cross these board piece often join each other through small-sized ocean, and small-sized mainland will be offerred for the player numerous but the land with smaller area.