” legend is lasting ” it is chief source with 1.76 version, it is grand game the 3D legend of own research and development. Set limit to not cutout archives checks on Feburary 28 open, open server of one area quadruplet early or late, person gas is hot, one beg hard. Now, the government publishs inside data first, game turns up his nose at with the keep of 94.85% a large number of heroes, make grand game an a dark horse 2016, strong lift what strong PK end swims to revive upsurge.

End at present, game opens server of quadruplet of blaze of one area ray, thunderbolt, intense, flurry in all, extend code of nearly 90 thousand activation, use up its to be able to be the stone door of the way of Ma of player open regain that likes legend.

Be in early last year, ” legend is lasting ” when holding to with respect to acceptance, grow collect fees, play a bank note for old player to the utmost, this one IP is in legend China is hot still. Not cutout archives test is close already two months are superabundant, day and morrow, 7 lunar keep rate are respectively 94.85% , 87.49% , 70.89% . The data of top-ranking game allows inside comparative industry, achievement of it may be said strikings. However the work in the same placing of project group still work overtime, the is all players to offer 24 hours service that with one one’s heart endeavors.

Keep is the main index with assessment whether successful game, look with this for the standard, ” legend is lasting ” be a success undoubtedly. Zhang Yingfeng of grand game CEO is in no less than the prophecy of 14 the end of the year, the outbreak that the hand swims grows regular meeting to swim to end bring new opportunity. Be ” legend is lasting ” let prophecy become reality.

The classical everybody playing a way of legend familiar to the ear can detailed, in order to drill class, hit treasure, PK to be core, be taken with respect to sheet only and character, game is average active number is day 19984 people (sheet is taken) , average and online when about 8 hours long, data shows this kind of simple and rough game way suffers a player to approbate; fully highest and online 15688 people (sheet is taken) , its peak value appeared at 22 o’clock to control commonly, and be exclusive right now the gold period of time with most substantial activity, for example the person of it may be said such as sea of the nether world is completely suffer from, can not move a step simply!

Regard a grade as consummate game, current grade upper limit is 45 class, the darling boat boat that the ray takes breaks through 44 class to close greatly with the breathtaking perseverance that does not get offline 24 hours almost! Ceaselessly new personality kills a deer to take the flesh in attrib border village, still the old person equips in dazzle of propaganda to the enemy at the front line of place of safety, still red name is exploded what date of optical equipment cutout quantifies is player behavior, the backside of data is the player perception to game content and self-identity. And technical group used visional engine to realize legend first 100 people with screen, 1000 people are right the large-scale round battle of battle, the place of alleged somebody has all corners of the country, the player is happy because of this amid.

” legend is lasting ” once by person coronal in order to sell the game of feelings, level tests in cutout archives, legend is dead according to legend of faithful mouth mouth. It is who is comparing strange copy blaze, it is who looks at Sha Cheng again from alliance, who be next Zu Ma dead battle are fierce enemy, it is who uses massacre law of Long Xiaoao Ma! As the propulsion of market rhythm, 3D legend attracted set limit to of; of caller of net of more than 3 million officials successfully not cutout archives checks successful recruit the game of more than 400 thousand player books; to be in the direct seeding platform such as tooth of a bottle of fish, tiger, game is window with PK, cause tens of 10 thousand people to surround view, for example the incident such as direct seeding of method of the first dog, COS also causes 80 thousand person to be watched at the same time after 16 years when enter player field of vision, the legend of 3D edition came eventually, player of 500 million legend is created jointly and witnessed the force of feelings.

The net that legend is generation player swims first love, be fictitious world is pleased life; and to grand game character, legend eternity is a of legend brand new milepost.