” cerebral ship member ” (the strange unreal movement that Psychonauts) is a complete 3D kind game, those who tell about is a bizarre saga that produces in children summer camp. Game blended in the secret of head of person of many enigma, filch, and extraordinary mental secret service, still have a variety of game elements such as a few romantic clues even. To only then to eventually, game reflected fancy originality.

” cerebral ship member ” PS4 version will on June 7, 2016 put on sale. At the same time game government still discloses ” cerebral ship member 2 ” time of put on sale will be 2018 the four seasons, specific time is uncertain, corresponding platform PC, PS4, MAC.

” cerebral ship member ” be open degree of taller play. After entering game, the player can be in camping ground move back and forth at will. Whole campsite is by a certain number of region composition, every area include quite rich game element is explored for the player, for example, the store that can buy all sorts of practical stage property, convenient subway even a few obscure an element.

Nevertheless, the focal point that this making is put between the character’s inner world. In game, the player is the journey in the brain in each characters between greater part time-sharing. The system is gross set 12 parts, the inner world of each part is task of a toll-gate, these toll-gate each are not identical, have individual character extremely. For example, a hot battlefield is in the inner world of coach Oleander, among them weapon modelling is very exaggerative. And the inner world of security personnel Boyd Cooper is full of nostalgic clue, it is the style of urban suburban district of 50 time. It is nevertheless in this inner world, the task of our hero Raz just seeks a person sending a grandma unexpectedly. Although bizarre and motley of whole game world, interest sex is very strong however nevertheless.