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Beijing time comes 30 days on April 29 afternoon before dawn, bright and beautiful contest ended eras of 2017 Si Nuo gram two semifinal (complete leg plans schedule) . Regret of Ding Junhui 15-17 loses the champion that defend crown, disgraced bound to rank first Saierbi, xijinsi is without be concerned aboutingly 17-8 fast get the better of Hawkins, professional career hits world bright and beautiful the 6th times to surpass finals. Xijinsi and Saierbi will contend for final champion.

Ding Junhui entered world bright and beautiful historicly to surpass finals last year, lose Yusaierbi just about, brush a shoulder with champion and pass. Be at war again after a year, ding Junhui prepares more amply, head level 5-3 is banner. Er of a place of strategic importance of the 2nd phase compares hair force, 9-7 exceed上海千花网龙凤论坛

s instead, ding Junhui of the 3rd phase lags behind to strike back again from 10-12, new war of 12-12 of both sides of before 24 bureaus is smooth.

Enter the 4th phase today, also be the last phase. Ding Junhui of the 25th bureau ever had had the opportunity of begin, hit into red ball but fail to join pompon, saierbi takes next this one bureau 74 minutes with single pole, unplug in this phase the head prepares first. Ding Junhui of the 26th bureau is after be being hit into red ball, join make mistake when pompon, saierbi harvests single pole 96 minutes again, er of total score a place of strategic importance is right now banne阿爱上海同城

rer than 14-12. Ding Junhui tries hard to adjust, the 27th bureau is in attack and defence win out between changeover, turn an one city. After Saierbi gets the 28th bureau 40+ minutes first, interrupt, ding Junhui just is chased after also appeared however nearly deviation, saierbi again begin is sent get the better of, first half held the dominant position of 15-13.

The second half the 29th bureau, ding Junhui once preceded, and Saierbi exceeds instead, in pompon big fight, saierbi exceeds cent gradually and still win victory, right now Er of a place of strategic importance is compared already 16-13 obtains game ball. Ding Junhui lets go one wrestle, take the 30th bureau through a few begin. Saierbike also can feel greater and greater pressure, the 31st bureau also appeared gross error, ding Junhui depends on single pole 73 minutes, chase a game ball again, total score is miniature on field for 15-16, ding Junhui lags behind only one pace.

Crucial the 32nd bureau, opening each other of bureau hour both sides to have originally attack and defence, the situation is not Anacreontic, however after Ding Junhui is being hit into a red ball, interrupt regrettablly go up in La Qiu, send good bureau, saierbi harvests single pole 72 minutes, the lock decides the victory of full-court match. Then 15-17 regret loses Ding Junhui, go no further 4 strong, saierbi carries final of reentry of back of a chair on the back.

[a collection of selected specimens] save two game ball to still answer day of Ding Junhui feebly repeatedly fatal error builds cherish to be defeated

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