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This summer vacation time most burning film, blame阿爱上海同城

” battle wolf 2 ” not belong to. Arrive to a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera record-breakingly ceaselessly from public praise (to August 15, had defeated 4.7 billion) , this lets compatriots see the movie that gets warm blood, besides bosom of domestic national condition, wonderful tussle play, china makes the central point that also makes us pay close attention to.


Film begins, the close-up of Maotai is not thrill through, think when everybody this is embedded advertisement when, film just says use Maotai is to promote Chinese brand only however, do not have his meaning. And Maotai also very give power, not only to ” battle wolf 2 ” the play staff wrote acknowledgment letter, still organize entire plant personnel to watch the movie together, true it may be said is everyone is happy.


Nevertheless, want the wine culture of respecting China, tellable can be Maotai only not just. Below these wine, deserve our attention!



Liquor is China’s peculiar distillation wine, also be one of 7 big distill wine of world, it is main raw material with grain cereal, wait to ferment for saccharification with yeast for making hard liquor, ditty or bran music and distiller’s yeast agent, classics evaporate is boiled, saccharification, ferment, distillation and make. Liquor wine liquid is clear transparent, grain is pure, taste scent is full-bodied, mellow He Roumian, perverse stimulate a gen阿爱上海同城

der stronger, the lingering fragrance after drink, the aftertaste is long. There all is production in Chinese various places, became famous most with product of and other places of Sichuan, Guizhou, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Anhui, Shanxi.

Yellow rice or millet wine


Yellow rice or millet wine is our country’s peculiar traditional brew, already had more than 3000 years of histories up to now, because of its wine fluid is shown flaxen and entitle yellow rice or millet wine. Yellow rice or millet wine is main raw material with polished glutinous rice, rice or milled glutinous broomcorn millet, classics evaporate is boiled, saccharification, ferment, compress and bec爱上海同城手机版

ome, wine precision is 15%-18% about, aroma fragrance is fragrant, flavor Xiantian is full-bodied, jump over Chen Yue sweet, also be called wine.


Breed of yellow rice or millet wine is various, make law and gust have each special type, main production is taken downstream at Chinese the Yangtse River, promote history of yellow rice or millet wine with Zhejiang carry on most long, also provide most representative. In addition, shandong namely the typical delegate that wine of heavy crock of Chinese ink wine, Fujian also is yellow rice or millet wine.

Highland barley wine


Highland barley wine calls Qiang in Tibetan language, become with the brew of commissariat highland barley of Qinghai-Tibet Platean special local product, main production at and other places of Qinghai, Tibet, Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansu Province, it is the alcoholic drink that Tibetian people loves to drink most.

Highland barley wine has two kinds, one kind is ferment highland barley wine, be similar to beer, orange color of colour and lustre is yellow, flavour small acid, wine precision is in 5 differ to 20 degrees. Another kind is highland barley liquor, become via distillation, wine precision can amount to 60 degrees of above.

Milk alcoholic drink


Mare’s milk wine is by Xian Ma the grandma makes the drink of a kind of traditional alcohol that make and becomes through fermenting, be known as Mongolia one of 8 precious. Precision of wine of mare’s milk wine is controlled in 3 degrees, cool and refreshing and dainty, refreshing, also can turn height into liquor via distillation, the time of distillation is more, wine precision is taller, wine quality is higher also.

The milk alcoholic drink that sees on the market at present is milk is made mostly. With highland barley wine, milk alcoholic drink also can be divided to ferment model with distillation model two kinds. Ferment model precision of the wine that suckle wine is in 18 degrees the following, colour and lustre is golde爱上海同城论坛

n, the grandma is sweet sterling, acid is sweet dainty, mellow He Shuang is clean. Distillation milk alcoholic drink is to fermenting on the foundation that suckles wine, through heating extract wine is spent, wine precision is in 19 to 48 degrees between, compare at food liquor, distillation milk alcoholic drink is more pure.



Although unlike other the wine that has history of hundreds o上海千花网龙凤论坛

f very consummate chiliad produces a country, but only a few years the Chinese bishop of bishop phylogeny rises abruptly however amazingly quick. Producing area covered Ningxia, Xinjiang, Heibei, Shandong, Yunnan, Shanxi, Beijing, northeast, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia much ground.

Grape breed respect, besides Chi Xiazhu and Xia Duoli, mather orchid, black Pi Nuo, noble is sweet, pull on the west, red soul more and more be used at brew to use.

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