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of finance and economics of center of news of the network austral Fujian to appear share house car to share house car to collect fees cash pledge how many money? Origin: ? ?2017-08-25 08:0 of this ┣ A Ou0 Http://www.mnw.cn/

On August 23, heibei Shijiazhuang city makes rich Hua Lu appears one shares house car. Sticking on white bodywork share house car everyday 29.9 yuan of model of written characters and mark has connection telephone call. The reporter dials a phone to understand, at present this Heibei company had put in 3 to share house car in Shijiazhuang, use require pay cost of 10% share property right cost, according to different model lowest 6000 yuan.

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Shijiazhuang street appears share house car

On August 23, road of abundant China of Heibei Shijiazhuang city mouth of 2 annulus across appears to share house car on the west. According to spot picture, share house car to hang pattern room car to procrastinate, bodywork is white, two side each one window, left the door can come in and go out, two side stick bodywork have share house上海千花社区

car everyday 29.9 yuan of model of written characters and mark is wanted on the telephone.

The phone that the reporter gets on according to bodywork, the author that connection went to to share house car Mr Chen. Introduce according to Mr Chen, there is the bed of a piece of 1.6m X 2.0m in house car, and the establishment such as air conditioning, freezer, TV, without toilet. Car of this kind of small-sized house does not have a toilet commonly, general meeting berth is in house car house car camping ground, can solve inside camping ground. At present they put 3 rooms on the car in Shijiazhuang market, among them two formalities still is being dealt with in.

A day 29.9 yuan? Lowest hands in 6000 ability to use

Should be asked about when how be being shared, mr Chen expresses, they are an operation platform that share house car, not hold house car, the primary vehicle that allows consumer and house car however advocate share property right. Among them, car advocate occupy 20% , every consumer is bought 10% . The house car cost with smooth the at present cheapest Taichun 60 thousand, that is to say house car the property right lowest of 10% 6000 yuan. Consumer is being bought after sharing property right, the access that can gain this trailer 15 years, every quarter can use 7 days freely.

About a day of 29.9 yuan cost issue, mr Chen explains, share house car to use at present rent with share two kinds of collateral means. 29.9 yuan charge is consumer preference rents means hind, the day of this house car is hired, and different model hire can have different. Use the need after sharing house car to still return room vehicle designation park land to undertake checking He Baojie, this process needs 40 yuan to collect fees. Cost of pay house car still needs before be being rented every time the cash pledge of 10% .

Insurance has not reached the designated position

Introduce according to Mr Chen, this kind of diminutive pulls cart of the room that register form, hook of trailer of mount of car of average family expenses can procrastinate hang. Shijiazhuang is engaged in Mr Zhang of automobile service industry telling a reporter, the installation of car of drawing style room is had certain professional, average driver may appear the phenomenon with not firm installation.

Be aimed at the safe insurance that shares house car, mr Chen states at present insurance Wu still is negotiating in. Because the model is less, cost leads them (insurance company) the standard with uniform neither one, at present big company is not willing to cast protect.

Origin: Beijing youth signs up for

Reporter of learn on job: Li Zhuoya

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