Because cannot bear,the mother is beaten up by female neighbour continuously, chen Jiang of 21 years old takes a knife, diameter straight thrust entered the left abdomen of female neighbour, did not think at that time, want to protect her only, be afraid that she is harmed. .

This is a morning 16 years ago, the duck of neighbour home runs to oneself rice field to have spike of rice, two middleaged mothers were hit in roadside, the means that uses oneself till Chen Jian上海贵族宝贝

g will stop all these. But consequence is, because female neighbour is exsanguine overmuch death, and him Chen Jiang also passes from now on went up 16 years the fugitive life of conceal one’s identity.

If did not participate in this dispute, chen Jiang has become an official probably now, as the village the first takes an examination of the youth that a爱上海同城手机版

ttends a college, he becomes whole and familial pride for a time, officeholder exam just attended before the accident. Before two months, when south when filling bitter fleabane to install police to head for Dazhou to seize its, this man already change name marriage is parturient, be in place oily business of management food of one free market of agricultural products.

On January 2, chengdu business signs up for police of reporter Cong Pengan to learn, suspect Chen Jiang is current already by police lawfully criminal is detained, this case still does in farther detect in.

Cannot bear the mother is hit, the son takes a knife to stab neighbour to death

Shrink 3 villages are apart from bitter fleabane to install a county to the 上海贵族宝贝

Milky Way the town is not remote, highway of a cement is perforative whole village, 16 years ago, escape when Chen Jiang when the village, here still is a muddy semifinished product road only.

1998, chen Jiang became the village the first takes an examination of the youth that attends a college, father Chen Daxian remembers, the son is a schools that reading rather then, this becomes the pride of family person for a time at that time. 2001, the Chen Jiang of strong finish school attended an officeholder to take an exam, he tells family: Take an examination of well still.

The turn of the destiny, happened on August 19, 2001 early morning. That day in the morning, when Tang Xiu of Chen Jiang mother carries water to pass oneself rice field, the duck that discovers neighbour Home Huang Mou ran into a rice field, millet has not been hit, the duck is about to eat in Tian Li (millet) . Tang Xiu signs up for a reporter to recollect to Chengdu business, she prepares to catch the duck the bank with the son subsequently. Hind because drive the business of the duck, with neighbour yellow some home produced issue. Tang Xiu says: At that time they (Huang Jia) 67 people hit us, still said a few offensive words.

According to position in the family hierarchy, chen Jiang should be in charge of Huang Mou to call aunty. His after the event says to police memory, aunty takes a hook to play his mother at that time, the dress on maternal body also was rotted by tear at, the other side still says to want to beat dead mom, oneself go pulling open, in us上海千花网龙凤论坛

ing knife stand sth on end aunty.

Chen Xin is later the course that just hears from inside family mouth maternal Huang Mou is pricked, that day is them only (maternal He Tangxiu) hitting twice, they did not play my father, stand on the edge. Subsequently, the Huang Mou that is pricked is sent toward the hospital of the county, but the misfortune in road dies.

The appraisal opinion advice note that brings prefectural public security bureau to issue according to bitter fleabane shows: Huang Mou is left on acute of blade of celiac bed sheet implement injury causes burst of injury of gastric be well versed in, celiac vein to bring about acute to break shock of courage and uprightness to die.

Go out after homicide work disappear, the mother thinks he died

After the son stabs neighbour to death with the knife, tangxiu and son returned the home, she persuades a son to work rapidly to the outside make money. The think of a way of this mother is very simple, gave so large issue, want be out of pocket for certain, you still do not go out to earn money how to do.

Chen Daxian says, after neighbour is stabbed to death by the son, below the harmony of cadre of company of village of villages and towns, the go ahead of the rest in the home paid thousands of yuan funeral expenses. This view also gets the dead’s daughter confirm.

Condition of the economy in the home is rusty at that time, 56 years are not killed spend the New Year pig, sold go off with to return Zhang. Chen Daxian says, also had not returned the home 16 after the son goes years again, also did not follow connection of the anybody in the home, police also arrives home for many times li of understanding circumstance, we also want to contact him, persuade him to come back some earlier to confess one’s crime, but these year do not have connection all the time.

Regard the dead as the family member, 10 come for years, also bearing all the time the pressure in tremendous heart. Chen Xin says, when the mother dies 40 years old or so, ability is many 10 the little brother years old at that time, the family is very distress, these year, I also can call to police now and then bother about this thing, but did not make progress all the time.

Install police introduction according to bitter fleabane, commit the crime in Chen Jiang after abscond, police undertook online chasing after to its 2002 escape. Come 16 years, police organizes more than 10 working group to go to and other places of Fujian, Yunnan, Guiz爱上海同城

hou to undertake arrest early or late. Till this year during National Day, discover new clew, affirmatory already the Chen Jiang of change name hides in the one free market of agricultural products inside Dazhou city.



On October 11, bitter fleabane installs prefectural public security bureau punishment detect group grows Kang Cheng to guide a policeman to drive go to Dazhou Da Chuan area, in local police cooperate to fall, seize guilty suspect Chen Jiang inside its salesroom inside one free market of agricultural products.

Change name deal, he says to daydream want to come home

Install police to find out according to bitter fleabane, chen Jiang is in 16 years of abscond, rely on to hit coolie to maintain bread to and other places of Guo Anan, Yunnan early or late, plain area is amounted to in Dazhou city finally food oily business is run inside one free market of agricultural products, blanch identity change name through other channel, opened river county with Dazhou 2006 one woman marriage gives birth to next son.

Daydream want to come home, parents raises him so big, oneself had not used up filial piety. Chen Jiang tells a people’s police, he did not tell a wife his past, if be asked about family by the wife, oneself say father and mother already be dead, oneself also had wanted to confess one’s crime during abscond, but abandoned every time, drowse sleeps to be not worn previously, be caught that day, still sleep some more spicily.

Current, chen Jiang already by police lawfully criminal is detained. On October 12, chen Jiang is worn to return old home of town thing Milky Way to point to by police belt identify the site. Early before the Tangxiu that receives an information and marital early in the morning await in the home, before this, tang Xiu thinks for a time go out working son may have died, she has burned paper to the son even.

After the son is seized by police, tangxiu and husband ever planned, prepare a few again money undertakes to the dead economy is compensated for with exchanging the other side forgive, but both sides was not coordinated at this point consistent. (article go-between content all is alias)

Original title: After stabbing neighbour to death to escape 16 years to commit murder, go out work disappear the mother thinks he died responsibility edits: Cao Rui