National ocean bureau: Because maritime storm i爱上海同城论坛

s greater,heavy ship of tanker of mulberry auspicious date adds coastal waters region to did not discover obvious spill oily area

On January 22, sea of China of national ocean bureau alarm 2502 boats and exposed to the sun are red 06, 19 boats continue to begin surveill上海千花社区

ance to monitor in the spot.

The sea alarm爱上海同城论坛


pping selects the sea area around in heavy boat perambulatory, because the sea is windward wave is bigger, did not discover the apparent phenomenon that risk oil and offing are smeary.

22 days are gotten enclothe heavy boat to nod periphery the satellitic remote sensing of 50 kilometers limits is video (video limits is less than 21 days of) , jie Yifa enclothes maritime space not to have distributinging division of obvious spill o爱上海同城论坛

il in image now.

The staff member is in national ocean bureau 22 days morning maritime space of heavy boat periphery begins the spot to monitor, collected 17 stations in all sample. The result that monitor shows, oil kind corporeal chroma all accords with water standard of the first kind of seawater (50 G/L) .

At present ocean environment of accident maritime space is monitored with smeary clear force already began the work in coordination, report news in time, raised what surveillance monitors to enclothe spend and sex of effectiveness for a given period of time and smeary the specific aim that clear.

National ocean bureau will begin surveillance to monitor in the spot continuously, master excessive oil in time to distributing, drift diffuses state, do influence of state of environment of zoology of good accident maritime space to evaluate the work, announce relevant news in time. (CCTV reporter pays bud)

Original title: National ocean bureau: Did not discover near heavy boat of Sang Ji annulus risk oil and smeary responsibility editor apparently: Zheng Lili